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Yoga for Primary Aged Children

Saturday 21 November 2020

In this interactive online session, children will practice specific yoga therapy poses (based on the Zenergy framework), using meridian line therapy techniques as well as traditional yoga poses. The class will start with a warm up and breathing exercise to help centre and educate the children on the importance of the breath. This is followed by a suite of yoga poses, mindfulness, relaxation and meditation.

Practicing yoga for children can help to address specific issues such as stress & anxiety, depression, diabetes, digestion, focus and concentration, weight management, whilst also building strong backs and healthy lungs.

This session is developed with the child in mind, making sure it is age appropriate and engaging.


This is an online event as part of the 2020 City of Melton Lifelong Learning Festival. Please RSVP via this website for access.

Note: Guardians of participants must complete a waiver form from Namaste Yogis before gaining an access link to this event.

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