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Live Event

Sustainability – From your Backyard to the World

Thursday 19 November 2020


Join key speakers from Sharing Shed MelbourneMend It, Australia and Melton City Council as they discuss different ways in which we can support the sustainability of our planet through small actions at home and in our community. This webinar will feature presentations from all three key speakers and a chance for Q&A.

This is an online event as part of the 2020 City of Melton Lifelong Learning Festival. Please RSVP via this website for access.

Information about the Speakers

Sharing Shed Melbourne is a not-for-profit, community run library of things. Members pay an annual membership fee to borrow a range of donated goods; from lawnmowers to camping gear. We seek to promote a more engaged, active, and resourceful community by empowering community users and partner organisations with low-cost access to a wide range of useful goods, skills and related knowledge.

Mend It, Australia’s main goal is to raise awareness of reuse and repair and the skills and abilities that are required to engage in repairing broken things. Mend It also raises awareness of the barriers to repair and how these can be overcome with passion and determination. There is lots of useful stuff in our homes to bring back to life; quite a bit of it was designed to be repaired. Let’s not waste the opportunity to care for, maintain and mend the things that serve us well or can be passed on to others to enjoy or can be sold for some extra pocket money.

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