Health & Wellbeing

Prerecorded Event

How to manage your emotions

19-22 November 2020
All Day

Today we are joined by Lorraine Makumbe, a local health and wellbeing expert. Lorraine will be sharing with us her top tips for managing our emotions, especially during the current coronavirus situation. As the effects of the virus, both health and economic, spread through our community, its important to know how to manage how you are feeling to ensure you stay as healthy and happy as possible during this difficult and uncertain time.

In her video, Lorraine will talk about:

– What are emotions?

– Three different ways to help support your emotional wellbeing including

– Identifying your emotions

– Identifying how that emotion is making you feel

– Taking action

– How to create strategies to cope with your emotions through times where you can’t change the situation

– How our emotions are valuable and help us to interact with ourselves and other people

– Good management of your emotions can lead to an improved immune system and much more

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